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2. "The visitors" portrays ordeal of a threatened G.I.

3. 'A woman of Paris' -- a sophisticated treasure

4. 'Ash Wednesday' opens

5. 'Butcher of Lyons': 4 decades' perspective

7. 'Godfather, Part II' is hard to define

8. 'I like Liz Taylor, but...'

9. 'Jungle Fever,' Spike Lee's comedy of sorrow

10. 'Kane' at 50 dazzles yet with its high spirits

11. 'Malcolm X,' as complex as its subject

13. 'Missouri Breaks,' offbeat western

14. 'Nashville,' lively film of many parts

15. 'Peggy Sue Got Married,' by Coppola

16. 'Peggy Sue' visits a changeless past

17. 'September,' Woody Allen's latest

18. 'Sleeper' -- Woody's best yet

19. 'Thieves like us' stays in the memory

20. 'Twilight's last gleaming' : No star

21. 'Vortex' from Scott B and Beth B

22. 'Women in revolt,' madcap soap opera Warhol's

23. 2 displaced people in love in the South

24. A Union soldier at one with the Sioux

26. A classic that's as changeable as the wind

27. A classical film is transposed to 3 dimensions

28. A gentle 'Cajun' documentary

30. A man, a woman, a chimp

31. A road movie about male hustlers

33. A tippling detective in action

34. A woman of Paris

35. Above the law - a detective's battle

36. Acquired taste getting fun out of life

37. Adventures of Mark Twain

38. After hours from Martin Scorcese

39. Airplane - A parody that works

40. Airplane II - Sequel

41. Alamo Bay, ethnic strife in Texas

42. Alice, a young widow finding herself

43. All the president's men

44. Altman and Gould make a brilliant 'Long goodbye'

46. Altman's '3 women' a moving film; Shelley Duvall in memorable role

47. American gigolo

49. Antonioni makes his first U.S. film in Death Valley

50. Antonioni's 'Passenger,' quest for life