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1. 'ABCD'

2. 'Alila'

3. 'I am Cuba' is dated but interesting

4. 'Russian ark'

5. 'The art of Amalia'

9. A Cuban band's testament to the powers of music

10. A Sanskrit epic about gods, warriors and magic

11. A ballad about hunting a fugitive and finding evil

13. A cold look at warming mixes pep and despair

15. A detective tracking a lost fish

16. A disturbing interloper in the samurai circle

17. A family united by home and want

18. A feeling we're not in Russia anymore

19. A game of mental mirrors

20. A grim Fassbinder on the marriage bond

21. A knowing child shapes up her parents

22. A love that soars above words

23. A major university, and how it works

26. A meditation on the meaning of Hong Kong

27. A menage a trois for the good looks and the laughs

28. A montage on Russia, with love and sorrow

30. A mother's selfless love and dignity

31. A plain Jane, a chic friend and their creepy men

33. A post-Soviet travelogue of pre-Soviet frippery

34. A romantic guessing game

35. A secret retreat morphs into a detox unit

36. A sexual awakening, for 2 generations at once

37. A sexual confrontation of he lies, she lies

38. A short life recalled in a new documentary

39. A short life remembered with songs and sunshine

40. A visionary Cuba, when believers still believed

43. After 20 years, it still comes out swinging

44. Agony and ecstasy, especially ecstasy

45. Ah-Chung

46. Airborne

47. Algerians in Paris as city and country mice

49. All washed up but holding out hope for redemption

50. American adobo

51. Amid all the illusion, satire with real bite

53. An uneasy rider on the road to self-discovery

54. Anarchic imagination vs. humdrum

55. Ancient Aboriginal tales, parallel across epochs

56. Antonioni's nothingness and beauty

58. Are you afraid of snakes? Why not?

59. Artemisia

60. Assessing both sides in a massacre

61. Australian jazz musician pursues his muse

62. Autumn tale

64. Becky Sharp again weaves her wily web

66. Beware the garbage cans

67. Boor wins fame as golf's bad boy

68. Boy and his hoop star

69. Brothers, race and reconciliation

70. Calling Byron's daughter, inventor of a computer

72. Cold master of trickery, political and otherwise

76. Crime boss hires a killer with a sentimental side

77. Crumb's life is as unusual as his art

79. Daughters of the dust: Tradition's demise

80. De Niro and Crystal back as odd couple of crime

81. Death as guest at a farewell party

82. Deconstructing his own construction

86. Dreaming of gangsters in a hotbed of jazz

87. Dwindling student body, in more ways than one

88. East Berlin in gloom-tinted glasses

89. Erotic fantasies as topics to discuss with strangers

93. Fantasy as refuge from mother's depression

94. Film : Le amiche

95. Film : [La Chinoise]