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3. 'Babysitting': Fine fare for 13-year-olds

4. 'Bacon' is an undercooked comedy

6. 'Fast Forward' is slow-moving

7. 'Fire' has spark but not enough heat

8. 'Fox and hound' - cute and gritty

9. 'Freedom' is a fine look at the struggle

10. 'Geniuses' more moronic than cute

11. 'Good Will Hunting' adds up

12. 'Kane' still bright and bold at 50

14. 'Mississippi' a burning drama on Evers murder

15. 'Ronin' secrets online

16. 'Smoke' causes tears of sadness, joy

17. 'Supernova' surprisingly sexy for a sci-fi thriller

18. 'The Big One' retreads 'Roger and Me'

20. 'Vertigo' -- the best of Hitchcock

21. 'Vertigo' needs no spin

22. 'Will' has a way about it

23. 80 Days exhausts critic's vocabulary

24. A beautifully told Hunchback

25. A bloody portrait of Africa's Hitler

26. A celebration of street art

27. A colorful cast gives 'Blue' life

28. A cramped but well-cast Buffalo

29. A dense display of solemn sci-fi

30. A family affair in black and white

31. A fascinating look at one man's obsession

32. A film of haunting power

33. A haunting view of life on the Ganges

34. A heart-wrenching tale from the Philippines

38. A lesbian focus from women directors

39. A look at men who kill gays

40. A look at zealotry in 'Destiny'

41. A movie to go ape over

42. A new look at a peeping-tom thriller

43. A powerful condemnation of war

44. A real B movie: film noir at a theater noir

45. A slick and empty paean to 'neo' L.A.

46. A spectacular romantic beauty

47. A spell cast on 'The Witches'

48. A time to forget

49. A toe-tapping 'Social Club'

50. A war film unlike any other

51. Ace wriggles out of stupid movie

53. Adventures in wild California

54. Airplane: A crash course in funny

55. Aladdin finale is classic Williams

56. Alea's 'Guantanamera' is one from the heart

57. Alien all guts, no glory

58. All dogs are not heavenly

59. All that jazz: A glittering spectacle

61. American Pictures

62. Amityville, in no-D this time

63. An Android that will tickle your fancy

64. An adventure in animation

66. An odd romance of post-war Japan

67. An off-key rock 'Candy Mountain'

68. Angel: don't do that voodoo

69. Angela finds the devil

70. Angelo is an off-beat charmer

71. Angus -- we feel his pain

74. Another feather in the cap of Napoleon

75. Another turn for Ben Hur

76. Apocalypse wow

77. Apocalypse, now and then: the return of a masterpiece

79. At Mill Valley, the real story of Robert Wise

80. Author has faith in Dune

81. Brando's beastly 'Island of Dr. Moreau'

82. Brando's beastly 'Island'

83. Brazilian bombshell Zeze Motta tingles

84. Break dancing movie that's hard to beat

85. Bringing up 'Baby' dinosaur style

86. British newcomer bares body and soul

87. Bronson meets one mama

89. Cajun, zydeco music in toe-tapping film

91. Charming Magic words

92. Civil war's toll in microcosm

93. Coppola case seen as win for artists

94. Coppola's 'Heart' failure

95. Coppola's gamble fizzles

96. Cops and aliens rum amok in L.A.

97. Crash took sick, twisted road to screen

98. Dark side of Hollywood

99. Depressing satire on relationships