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1. "Waterloo" a masterpiece from pre-Code Hollywood

2. 'About Schmidt' digs for the truth

3. 'Abyss': off the deep end

4. 'Adaptation' gets just a bit too cute

5. 'Amen'

6. 'Antitrust'

7. 'Antwone Fisher'

8. 'Auggie Rose'

9. 'Baby Face' now better (and racier) than ever before

10. 'Bus' takes Lee where he's going

11. 'Crash' breaks through

12. 'Deaths' can't come too soon

13. 'Election' gets results

14. 'Eros'

15. 'Hulk' is a smash-'em blockbuster

16. 'Jack' gets old fast -- very fast

17. 'Maid in Manhattan' dusts off old tale

18. 'Modern times' keeps up with ours

19. 'Moon' peers behind scenes on Broadway

21. 'Perez Family' falls apart after a while

22. 'Piano': just a woman's fantasy?

23. 'Pie' has gone stale

24. 'Promises' sees Mideast woes with kids' eyes

25. 'Scoop' is Allen's funniest film in years

26. 'September 11'

27. 'Taking' gets it

28. 'The Amati girls'

29. 'The center of the world'

30. 'The corporation'

31. 'Waterworld' opens at no.1 -- Will it hold?

32. 'Whatever' kind of works

33. 48 HRS. sequel rehashes action

34. A band apart turns inward as things heat up outside

35. A celebration of life in drag

36. A fine 'sensibility'

37. A hauntingly lovely 'Lady'

38. A lady without a passport

39. A light touch keeps Around aloft

40. A movie's dirty history

42. A none-too-sunny portrait of life in L.A.

43. A surprising, subversive "Kiss"

44. A tour of black America on Lee's 'Bus'

45. Above the law is above average

46. Addiction in all its gory detail

48. Air America crashes and burns

49. Air Bud dog dribbles too much

50. Allen's fickle muse returns for 'Ending'

52. Amateur a victim of its own style

53. American Psycho gets respectable

54. Amid a massacre, an ordinary man stands tall to protect others

55. An angelic aura

56. An earthy plunge into medieval life

57. Anaconda... hissssss

58. And Vadim again created Woman

59. Another horror film starring Rod Steiger

60. Appreciating the tramp

61. April's shower

62. Apt pupil masters psychopathy

63. Artificial nonsense

64. Astronaut's Wife almost a blast

65. At 4 hours, Wiseman's portrait of Cal is a slog

66. Austin is funny, Baby

67. Avengers is a crime

68. Beauty of a beast

69. Beauty, flair in Coppola's new phase

70. Bergman, in his 80s, stays true

71. Big, bold return to 'West Side'

72. Bitter, superb 'Schmidt'

73. Black audiences were waiting for Exhale

74. Boys will be boys

75. Brothers in a bloody fine bleedin' mess

77. Carl Weathers is hot in Action Jackson

78. Charlie Chaplin's gifts repackaged

79. Clinton may find movies hit close to home

82. Costner rustles up some cliches in new Western

83. Costner's Indians: Getting in the spirit

84. Couple talk, charm

85. Curse is old hat

86. DVD reviews: Psycho

87. Dazed, confused and blaming Nixon

88. De Niro, Reno steal the show in 'Ronin'

89. Director's film legacy spanned five decades

90. Don't stand for this Anthem

92. Dozens die in bloody thriller

93. Drama crashes through barriers already down

94. Drama is also missing

95. Dripping with speculation

96. Duvall's gravity weighs on 'Tango'

97. Eastwood makes Power flow

98. Exhilarating 'Games' shows how it's done

99. Face it: you're in a nightmare

100. Fantasy mixes sex and sci-fi