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1. "Midnight" beat the odds to become a classic

2. "Summer" time and the livin' is queasy

3. 'Atlantic City': tinhorns triumph in boomtown

5. 'Do the Right Thing' doesn't

6. 'Grand hotel' meets 'Breathless' in new Godard

9. 'Life is sweet' with family and friends

10. 'School Daze' puts the ebony in the ivory tower

11. 'The Godfather part III'

12. 'The Outsiders': Coppola gives adolescence a bad name

13. 'The Thin Blue Line' fragments the big picture

14. 'The Witches': caldron of fun for the family

15. 'The player' : ticket to ride

17. 'Thin Blue Line' beats fact to a pulp

18. 'Three brothers' rooted in the earth

20. 'Tucker' needs body work

21. ... The worst of times

22. 2 films go to camp, but one takes a dive

23. A brief history of time

24. A good evening: two by Hitchcock

25. A good evening: two by Hitchcock

26. A hard day's producer

27. A long '48 HRS.'

33. A steamy Italian version of 'Postman'

34. A stunning 'Othello'

36. Addiction with an honest face

37. Air force one - audience nothing

38. Airplane

39. All about kissing

41. All night long: A fairy tale for grown-ups

42. American Pop flops

43. An accident that never happens

44. An emperor today, gone to Mao

46. An eye in the sunlight

47. Angelo my love

48. Angels of the night

50. Avalon: Star-spangled banter

51. Bad health

52. Bertolucci gives his 20th century in '1900'

53. Bewitched, bothered, bewildered

54. Big lugs

55. Britain's director of high concepts

56. Brushes with genius

57. Cassavetes probes the shadows

58. Cassavetes' thrilling 'Shadows' returns

59. Come together

60. Coming up rosebuds

61. Coppola's portrait of the Vietnam GI

62. Corrosive 'Full Metal Jacket'

63. Court, no spark

64. Critics find common ground praising 'Kane'

65. Director Michael Powell always goes for the gusto

67. Dreams a mixed weave of magic, didacticism

69. Eastwood 'Bird' keeps everyone in the dark

70. Eight men nearly strikes out

71. Failed lives, great movies

72. Fanny and Alexander

75. First name: Jean-Luc

76. Fleshing out corporate greed

77. Flowering of early Kurosawa

78. For the boys: for the birds

79. François Truffaut 1932-1984

80. Free spirits

81. Fritz Lang's epic vision of apocalypse

83. Getting a grip on 'Vertigo'

84. Gideon's fire, and Glover's

85. Godfatherhood

86. Great eyebrows, not much of a film

87. Huston's The dead a cause to reJoyce

89. Ikiru

90. In this skewed love triangle only the 'Melo' lingers on

91. Indicting Accused

92. It's not creepy or kooky - just ooky

93. Jean Renoir: light upon life

94. Just a dream

95. Keaton can't quite bring up 'Baby'

96. Killer's choice

97. La chienne

98. La jetée

99. Laurence Olivier still ignites 'Wuthering Heights'

100. Lawrence shines again