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2. "Effie Briest" is a brilliant movie

4. "Perceval": a knight to remember

5. 'Ashram' a two-faced documentary

6. 'Atlantic City' well worth a visit

8. 'Black Rain': dark memories of Hiroshima

10. 'Chan is missing' a funny, high-spirited treat

11. 'Cry Freedom' for Biko

12. 'Dead Birds' and other Gardner films

14. 'Eureka': Roeg's high-falutin' drivel

16. 'Healthy' laughs about politics

19. 'Lianna': a gem true to its people

20. 'Love streams': quirky brother-sister act

22. 'Matador' is a kinky tale of the bullfight

23. 'Melo': tragic love triangle

24. 'Memory of Justice': complex Nuremberg probe

28. 'Ran': Kurosawa spectacle needs some sorting out

29. 'Rififi' ripens into a classic

30. 'Roger & Me' is brash and goofy

31. 'Sambizanga' a moving film from Angola

32. 'Silent clowns' keep you laughing

33. 'Solaris' : Soviet treasure of science fiction

34. 'Star Trek': the Enterprise takes off

35. 'Stavisky' -- parts of a puzzle

37. 'Tempest': shelter yourself from this interminable storm

38. 'The Memory of Justice' caused Ophuls to despair

39. 'The Right Stuff' -- All is A-OK in S.F.

40. 'The Right Stuff' hits Washington

43. 'Trinity': atomic horror story

44. 'Woyzeck' -- a tormented outsider

45. 'Zelig' : A life as deceptive as film

46. 15 hours of movie and worth it

48. A 'Short' Czech chuckle

49. A 'forgotten classic' version of 'Alice'

50. A 'touching' family story