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1. Above and beyond

2. After the thin man

3. Alice in Wonderland

5. Applause

6. Buster Keaton forever: Keaton centennial: 1895-1995

7. Cat and mouse games: The detective in film

8. Chronicle of a disappearance

9. Comedy, American style

10. David Bradley presents DeMille's lavish silents

11. Despues del terremoto

12. Faces

13. Film noir: German cinema in exile

14. Film notes : films selected from the Jean-Luc Godard Montreal lectures

15. Godard selects : films from the Montreal lectures : Dracula

16. Hidden history: from the files of Allan Francovich

17. Ida Lupino: a reel woman

18. Images of minorities in film

19. Jean-Pierre Melville: the French connection

20. John Farrow directs Ray Milland: Alias Nick Beal

21. Lucky star

22. Mann's world: Anthony Mann on the big screen

23. Max Ophuls: moving pictures

24. New film by Trinh T. Minh-ha

25. Ridley Scott directs: Alien

26. Scarface

27. Special high school program: a.k.a. don bonus

28. Surname Viet given name Nam

30. The Buddy Holly story

31. The age of innocence

32. The failure of words: the west looks east

34. [Joris Ivens film notes]