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3. Aelita

5. Aerograd

6. Alexander Dovzhenko's Arsenal and Fruits of love

7. Applause

11. At PFA : Solaris

12. Correction

13. Dovzhenko's Earth (Zemliya)

16. Earth

17. Eisenstein's Strike

18. Eisenstein's Strike

19. Eisenstein's The old and the new

22. Fruits of love (love's berries) and The girl with the hatbox

23. History of cinema : the silent years : Earth

24. I am Cuba

25. In spring

26. Ivan's childhood

27. Ivan's childhood

28. Ivan's childhood

29. Ivan's childhood

30. Kino-eye (Kino-glaz)

31. Lev Kuleshov directs : The extraordinary adventures of Mr. West in the land of the Bolsheviks

35. Moya babushka

36. My grandmother

37. My grandmother and In spring

38. Nikolai Shengelaya directs: Elisso

41. Potemkin

44. S.V.D. (The club of the big deed)

45. S.V.D. (The club of the big deed)

46. Silent film classics : Arsenal

48. Solaris

49. Soviet Georgian cinema : My grandmother