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1. Back in style

2. Belle de Jour and Belle Toujours

3. Belle de jour

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10. Hollywood mon amour

11. Improvizations and interactions in Altmanville

12. Jean-Luc, Chantal, Danièle, Jean-Marie, and the others

13. Jean-Luc, Chantal, Danièle, Jean-Marie, and the others

14. Journal: Paris

15. L'ultima donna

16. Lancelot du lac

17. Les bonnes femmes

18. Movies : Gosford Park

19. Paris journal

20. Pasolini's second coming

21. Playtime

22. Restored to power

23. Return to beauty

24. Ruiz hopping and buried treasures : twelve selected global sites

25. Saraband

26. Survey of a sadist

27. The cinema of Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet

28. The classical modernist

30. The dreamers

32. The inner circle

33. The sweet cheat

34. [Playtime]