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1. 8 mile

2. A couple of kooks

3. A little transcendence goes a long way

4. All and nothing

5. Both sides now

6. Buena Vista Social Club

7. Chantal Akerman: the integrity of exile and the everyday

8. Charming curse

9. Critic's choice : Faust

11. Duellle: notes on a first viewing

12. Fascinating rhythms

13. Fassbinder's weenie

14. Father and son

15. Jean-Luc, Chantal, Danièle, Jean-Marie, and the others

16. Movies : Gosford Park

17. Pola X

18. Return to beauty

19. Russian ark

20. Saraband

21. Spies

22. Strangeness on a train

24. Survey of a sadist

25. The ceremony

26. The cinema of Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet

27. The house of mirth

28. The nibelungen

29. The nibelungen

30. The place of Danièle

31. The revolution will not be televised

32. The world according to Harvey and Bob

33. The world in a village

34. Truth is stronger than fiction

35. Unified theory

36. War at a distance