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1. 'The Godfather'

2. Alfred Hitchcock

3. Roman fiasco

4. Unnecessary roughness

5. Bombs away

6. Two horrors

7. Woody's new winner

8. The madcap family plotters

9. Film: Allegro is ungainly takeoff

10. Film: recalling the 60's

13. My grandmother

14. Screen: The prince of Bay Ridge

16. Screen: Hot Wax and early rock

17. Film: 'Word Is Out' documentary

18. Film: Rare Chaplin, 'A woman of Paris'

20. Screen: Conan Doyle without Sherlock Holmes

23. Screen: Pal Gabor's Angi Vera from Hungary

25. Robert M. Young's Alambrista!

26. 'Manhattan' wins best picture award

27. Sifting flaws for flashes of genius

28. Screen: 'Apple Game,' a Czechoslovak comedy

29. Russians depict life of a poet

30. Film: A punk bunch in 'Offenders'

32. Hitchcock: the master puts on immortality

33. Bleak moments

34. Hungarian `Confidence,' drama of World War II

35. Film: Coping with Polish life

38. Movie: 'The awakening' digs into horror in tomb

43. Film: Agnes Varda's murals

47. Screen : Polish 'Contract,' by Zanussi

48. Movie : Zanussi's comedy 'Contract'

49. Film: Tamasaburo stars in Japan's 'Demon Pond'

50. Screen: 'L'Adolescente' from Jeanne Moreau

51. Film: 'Reporters,' on the job in Paris

53. Another, Hungarian

55. Film: 'Stalker,' Russian science-fiction

56. The screen: 'Ashes and embers'

57. Screen: Alone in the dark, a spoof of horror movies

58. New York film critics vote 'Gandhi' best of '82

59. Film: Anarchism in U.S.

60. Film view : John Sayles masters the telling detail

62. Screen: Ferreri's 'Tales of Ordinary Madness'

65. Screen: 'Baby, it's you,' set back in the 1960's

66. Film: All By Myself is about Eartha Kitt

67. How the graphic arts feats in 'Zelig' were done

69. Screen: 'Merry Christmas'

70. 'Signora di tutti,' an early work by Max Ophuls

73. Golden Eighties, absurd rehearsal

74. Radical view of sexuality in 'Red Love'

75. Matt Dillon stars in Coppola's 'Rumble Fish'

76. The engine of a train to America

77. The ballad of Gregorio Cortez

78. Right moves, high school football

79. Screen: Americana, with David Carradine

80. Who are this movie's real heroes?

81. Film: Amityville 3-D, horror and scary effects indoors

82. Film: West German 'War and peace'

83. Screen: Knight, a fable

84. El Norte: crossing the border

85. 'Vertigo' still gives rise to powerful emotions

86. A dizzying descent into Hitchcock's best

87. Against all odds an intrigue in Yucatan

88. New directors/new films

89. The screen: Wedding

90. Erdoss's Princess, from Hungary

93. [Beat Street]

94. Hey, don't forget the audience

95. Film: 'Love streams' with John Cassavetes

96. Bowie: prisoner in the jungle of Java

98. All of me, starring Martin and Tomlin

100. Jacues Rivette's 'Amour par terre'