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32. A tragedy at a plant as lived by strikers

33. A vicious white dog as a metaphor for racism

34. A young legal eagle flies with vultures

35. A young man torn by good and bad

36. Ace Ventura, in pursuit of a sacred bat

37. After a space jaunt, he's odd, but he loves his wife

38. Against all odds an intrigue in Yucatan

39. Airheads. Yes, indeed. All that and even less

40. Alfred Hitchcock

41. Alien Nation: They're here and in Los Angeles

42. All of me, starring Martin and Tomlin

43. All the president's men

44. Always, a love story from Steven Spielberg

45. An American boy who just may be a Buddha

46. An aquatic Armageddon with lots of toys

48. Anatomy of a murder: a real-life whodunit

49. And Mom, another thing: when will you grow up?

50. Anniversary tribute to the Million Man March