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2. 'Adventures of Felix'

3. 'All About Eve' set was no Garden of Eden

4. 'All or nothing'

5. 'All the Pretty Horses' is pretty, all right

6. 'All the Queen's men'

7. 'Almost,' but not quite

8. 'Apocalypse' now

9. 'Before' is beautiful but tragic

10. 'Brother's' a keeper

11. 'Chai' rough but engaging

12. 'Crumb' Film Trucks to Sundance

13. 'Crumb' racks up critics' honors

14. 'Dim Sum' in line for British 'Oscar'

15. 'Doom' - more tiresome punks

16. 'Emotion' filmmaker Fuller gets his due

17. 'Ice storm' blows in too many directions

18. 'Invincible'

19. 'Merci pour le chocolat'

22. 'Ran' gets big runaround for the Oscars

23. 'Right Stuff' cast bonded in S.F.

25. 'Secrets and lies' tells the truth

26. 'Shattered image' falls completely apart

27. 'Smoke' glows with humanity

28. 'Smoke' glows with humanity

29. 'Smoke' sparks a prime partnership

31. 'Summer' memories

32. 'The Conformist's' corrupt beauty

33. 'The Piano' scales heights of passion

35. 'Tucker' tells a director's kind of tale

37. 'Yearling' star walked away from fame

39. A 'Buddha' for beginners

40. A 'Crucible' for all time

41. A Robeson filmography

44. A look at child abuse, gay love

46. A man whose memory doesn't serve

47. A marriage of eccentrics thrives on oddball artistry

48. A masterwork from Taiwan

49. A quintessentially 'American' dream

50. A revival that we can't refuse

51. A sweet southern 'Cookie'

53. A talky 'Tale of Love' by Berkeley director

54. A terrifyingly real look at Anne Frank's life

55. A trip goes awry in 'Long Twilight'

56. A witty obsession with 'Love and Death'

57. AIDS makes strange bedfellows in Alive

58. Adrenaline drive

59. After 24 years, "Martha" arrives

60. Agnes Varda on Demy

61. Allen at his sweetest in 'Lowdown'

63. American adobo

64. American gypsy

65. An Indian feast of sensuality

66. An inspired fantasy gives 'Dream' life

67. Anger's lurid images

68. Antonia's tangled line

69. Apollo 13 story heroic, but it just doesn't fly

70. Apu moves toward manhood

73. Arlington is opening months late

74. Arty 'Portrait' loaded with heavy symbolism

75. Assassination movie predicted history

76. Baby doll

77. Bardot is the beauty in brainy 'Contempt'

78. Beatty's rap

79. Belle de jour still fantastic

81. Bertolucci lets music tell story in 'Besieged'

82. Bertolucci's temper adds spice to film fest

84. Brains and heart

85. Brave nude world of 'Teknolust'

86. Breathtaking 'Beauty'

87. Broughton: 'Ecstasy for everyone'

88. Bunuel's mercurial brilliance

89. Candy Darling

91. Casualty of the Congo

92. Catherine Deneuve -- still in command

94. Chaplin's genius, Hitler's madness

95. Charlton Heston in God's country

97. Comedy Periscope should sink out of sight

98. Coppola's wife steps forward

99. Crash appeal no accident

100. Daddy really was the dearest