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1. The abyss: undersea life and peril

2. An 'Alice' in a dark wonderland

3. In search of the man within the monster

4. Screen: Beginners', rock musical

5. Bit of Burton's legacy as a troubled cleric

6. Lately, seeing isn't believing

7. A philosophy student who bites

8. Mel Gibson plays pilot in scenic Air America

9. Keeping grown-ups pacified

11. Film: Aloha summer, adolescents in Hawaii

12. The nun, the amnesiac, the prostitute and the thugs

13. The loony love of a faithful woman

14. A world of spirits who defy science

16. A mom and pop enterprise that leaves people dead

17. If all is for the worst

18. A talent for bad luck and intense commitment

22. Today's ideas in the 14th century

23. The sorcerer of suspense as apprentice

24. A master of suspense, with a touch like Midas's

26. Moses is Soupy Sales but God is an unknown

27. Poor, innocent Rosemary and her nosy neighbors

28. A disillusioned politician, from Theo Angelopoulos

29. Social comment? wrap it in laughs

30. Opening one's eyes to Godard

31. Godard orchestrates a search for faith

34. Gallic charm with a kick

36. 'Unknown' Ford films, both great and goofy

39. Women who share house and secrets

40. Film: From Bigas Luna, Anguish, horror tale

41. The director emulated by Bergman

43. Trying to capture an elusive film maker

44. A satire kills many but few stay dead

45. In a satire, many are killed but few stay dead

47. Sweden's poet of film and stagecraft

49. Fellini's world was so real it was bizarre

50. Con man hits the highway, in 'Candy Mountain'