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1. A requiem for Fassbinder

2. A summer spate of sugar and spite

3. Arsenic and old lace

4. Arsenic and old lace

5. Ashram

7. Death never takes a holiday

9. Fathers and sons

10. Faust

13. Is history merely an old movie?

15. Liebelei

16. Liebelei

17. Liebelei: ich liebe dich

18. Losing something in translation

20. M

23. Revivals in focus

24. Revivals in focus

26. Revivals in focus -- excerpt

28. Selective homophobia and other critical vices

29. Tartuff

31. The Lola-Lulu-Lilith complex

32. The acid test of auteurism

37. The sorrow and the pity

39. Werner Herzog makes a real movie

40. Who is to judge Truffaut?

41. [Death on the Nile]

42. [Lili Marleen]

44. [Woyzeck]